Friday, 6 June 2014

From where can I download paid android apps and games for free?

Did you know that 20-30% of phones are lost every year? TekTrak is a phone utility app that allows you to track your phone on a visualized street map through a friendly user interface to easily locate your phone. TekTrak users get two free uses of the app, and users can share with friends to get more uses or upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99/year. apps Review:"Trust me on this: TekTrak Pro is worth every penny of its $4.99 price tag, and if you're not a Mobile-Me subscriber, you need to download it now!" 

TekTrak Phone Tracker was featured on Tech Crunch,USA, Lifehacker and many more.Top 20 utility app list in the U.S. #1 Utility App in several countries. TekTrak is a mobile security company that has developed a must have application for any iPhone user. Our TekTrak Pro phone tracker app allows you to track your phone through. You can track your phone in real time, or use time intervals, which preserves battery life. Our features allow you to locate your phone to an accuracy of feet, remotely ring your device, as well as see the phones location history. TekTrak Phone Tracker Features: Locate your phone in real time using A-GPS technology Remotely set off your ringer View the location history of your phones previous locations Remotely change the frequency your phone sends its location Fully adjustable history setting (keep your history for up to 2 weeks, or do not keep any history) Minimal battery consumption Runs in the background, and automatically restarts when the phone is restarted Remote wipe your contacts, if you lost your phone and want to make sure no one has unauthorized access to them Send a text message to your phone via push notification New and enhanced user interface Encrypted and secure serversTekTraks servers are fully encrypted and we do not allow anyone to track your position at any time.TekTraks secure website allows users to: See the exact address of their phones location in real-time Use detailed maps to see the location history and real-time movement of your phone Ability to fully control the details of your account, including setting your own privacy settings Remotely control the settings on you application (our application and website work together to synchronize the settings whenever they are changed) such as phone tracker intervals, location frequency, etc. Access a dedicated support teamOnly works on devices running iOS 4 and above (iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 3G 1 and 2)Disclaimer: Continued and prolonged use of the continuous mode (GPS running in the background) can significantly decrease battery life. We recommend using time interval mode when using the phone locator.For more information feel free to visit our website at www.tektrak.comAnd remember TekTrak gets your phone back!

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