Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CleanMyMac Classic full version with crack free download

CleanMyMac Classic is an all-in-one tool to keep your Mac cleans from system junk, app leftovers and other useless data.
CleanMyMac Classic basically scans for and cleans the following types of needless data:
1. outdated caches - data that was generated by applications to load faster but became useless
2. unneeded logs - files containing information about events happened with apps; if you're not a developer, you don't need these files;
3. language files - these files allow OS and apps you have installed to support many languages you don't know or use
4. universal binaries - files that allow apps to work on platforms and architectures different from yours
5. system junk, application leftovers and trashes - this category includes all the data generated by the apps and system that is outdated, corrupt or won't be used anymore.

Besides being an excellent solution for cleaning your Mac from needless data, CleanMyMac Classic also includes a bunch of useful tools to help you make your Mac even cleaner. Built-in Extensions Manager allows you to manage all the plug-in, extensions and widgets installed in Mac OS X. The app’s Applications Uninstaller module completely removes any app and its leftovers from your hard drive. Finally, the Quick Erase Files module can physically overwrite the desired files for three times so they couldn't be recovered with any special tools.
Unlike many other cleaners, CleanMyMac Classic is still compatible with OS X versions from 10.4 to 10.6. Also, it sports sophisticated algorithms that make it the safest cleaning solution on the market. The built-in ignore list helps the app skip potentially troublesome files and prevent critical and important files from scanning and deletion. The hidden knowledge base contains instructions on how to remove particular apps and extensions to bring no harm to your system.
CleanMyMac Classic is a definite must-have solution for any Mac user who wants to have more free space and keep his Mac clean and running smoothly.

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