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How to Edit PDF File Free download with crack

There are many ways in which a PDF file can be edited, using a wide range of editor tools that are on the market. This page focuses on the typical editing needs in a prepress environment. The following types of changes are discussed:
  • Text manipulations: how to edit text in a PDF.
  • Image editing: how to edit an image in a PDF file or replace it.
  • Page related changes: how to delete pages, change their order or rotate them.
  • Altering a PDF file: how to merge pages from separate PDF files, edit password protected files or add bleed.
  • Color editing: how to convert a PDF from color to black&white.

At the bottom is also a small overview of PDF editing applications.
Always keep in mind that PDF files are an accurate representation of a document. They are meant for output or on-screen viewing. They are not intended to be intermediate files that can still be edited. There are programs on the market that allow you to change the content of a PDF file and there are applications or plug-ins that can extract the content of a PDF so that you can insert this data into a new document. Altering PDF files is a last resort – whenever possible the original source file should be corrected and a new PDF generated. This is especially true for documents that will be reused at a later date!

Changing text

How to edit text in a PDF

Within a PDF file text is essentially stored as single lines. The concept of text flowing from one line to another within a column does not exist. This makes it fairly difficult to edit text unless you rely on special tools that somehow manage to intelligently predict how text flows within a document
  • Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Professional have a TouchUp Text tool for small text modifications. When you add or delete text, it will not reflow the text in the entire column. Some releases of Acrobat have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to the TouchUp Text tool, with users reporting weird behavior of the edited or remaining text once the tool is used. Use this tool only if there is no way to edit the original source file and  recreate a PDF.
  • Even though Adobe Illustrator can open a surprisingly large range of PDF files, it is a bad choice if you want to edit text. Illustrator automatically uses its own fonts instead of fonts embedded in a PDF. This can lead to text reflows even if you leave text untouched.
  • For extensive text editing Infix PDF Editor is an interesting product. I used it to add text to a book and found the reflow capabilities of the application quite impressive.
One thing to keep in mind is that there is a mechanism in PDF to store a copy of the text in its logical reading order. If you edit the text in such a so-called ‘tagged PDF’ you are only modifying the visible copy, not the hidden duplicate. That means that even after removing part of the text, it still may show up in search results!

PDF To Word Converter Full version free download with crack

Free PDF to Word Converter is an easy to use utility that does swift conversions from PDF to Word. You just need to add the file which you intend to convert into the program and click Convert. It is that easy! This program will create an exact copy of the PDF file. It will retain all graphics, fonts and formatting. It supports all versions of MS Word so that you will not have any troubles editing the converted file. The program works on all Windows systems.

If you are looking for a more advanced program, you can try our PDF Converter. It offers more conversion options:
  • Converts PDF files to Word, XLS, HTML, JPEG and TIFF.
  • Wide variety of conversion settings for all Word, XLS, HTML, JPEG and TIFF conversions. This way you can tweak the output files.
  • Integrates with MS Windows and MS Office.
  • Comes with free technical support and updates.
  • Features a Pro version that can create a PDF out of any document.
  • Secure your PDF documents so no one but you can print them or extract data from them.

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Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac full version with crack free download

In spite of being viewed as the "other guys" in some Mac users' minds, Microsoft has generally put out an excellent productivity suite for the Mac with Microsoft Office. Though the latest package is still not on par with the Windows version (you get only the four main programs--a big difference when you consider the Windows version has 10), Microsoft made a big leap with this latest version for the Mac in several other ways. Not only has it nearly reached feature parity (and cross compatibility) with the Mac counterparts to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but it has finally added Outlook, the e-mail and scheduling client Mac business fans have been clamoring for years

Once we dug deep into the feature set of Office 2011 for Mac, we saw there were several enhancements that made the whole suite better, and some of the niftier tweaks are even Mac-exclusive. Certainly many Mac users will look first at Apple's work for a productivity suite, and it is a great office suite in its own right. But if you work with primarily Windows users who use Office, it's tough to beat the automatic compatibility of using the same programs. Add the ease of compatibility with a strong feature set across the entire suite and you have a desktop office package that's almost a must-have in both large and small businesses, and even home productivity settings.

Avast Free Antivirus for Mac full version with crack free download

Avast Free Antivirus for Mac scans for viruses and malware in the OS X environment.
Robust scanner: Avast Free Antivirus offers scanning at both a threat and a warning level, meaning you can scan your machine either for immediate threats or for potentially unwanted applications. In addition, Avast allows you to scan individual files via drag and drop rather than making you navigate to each file's location. You can split results to display infections only or to list potentially unwanted items.

Native-friendly design: Avast Free Antivirus looks like a native OS X app. The left Finder-like organization makes it easy to keep track of the app's five main features.

Optional extensions: Avast lets you manage your browser extensions from the main interface. Install or uninstall the Avast extension directly from the program, as opposed to manually navigating each browser's settings menu and disabling the tool. The extension itself is relatively useful for getting a quick glance at a Web site's trustworthiness.

Slow scan times: Our initial full-system scan was long -- over 51 minutes. If you're plan to run the full diagnostic, make sure you can set aside some real time.

Avast Free Antivirus is a solid contender if you're looking to add security to your Mac. Generally, the utility seems respectful of your habits: It's easy to remove extraneous features like browser add-ons and single-file scanners. Though its longer scans could be taxing on older machines, Avast Free Antivirus is a worthy and minimally invasive addition to your system.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac full version with crack free download

Adobe Photoshop CS6 only strengthens the benchmark software's existing position as the unrivaled production suite and an indispensable tool for old and new generation creative minds: graphic designers, web developers, video editors, you name it.
Let's start with the interface: dark is good. Photoshop CS6 brings a darker, more focused default work environment, with menus and toolbars painted in dark grays and blacks. Of course, if you're itching for a brighter look, CS6 gives users lighter-colored interfaces, reminiscent of previous versions. Tools are more streamlined thanks to Adobe's continuing move towards collapsible menus, while leaving the primary tools visible.

There are seriously way too many new features for us to cover in such a short overview: instead, we'll briefly look at some of the more notable improvements. Photoshop CS6 finally empowers users with the ability to search within their layers, a crucial benefit for those who work on projects with many elements and layer groups like UI and Web designers. You can search by layer name, type, attribute, and color. Another major change is the ability to apply layer styles to groups. You can define the layer style for various folders, potentially opening the door to even more complex effects and filter combinations.
Photoshop also brings improved precision to setting colors and custom dimensions for shapes. Creative Suite 6 now accepts the standard 3-6 character HEX codes in their color selectors, which is key for designers who want to call out specific Web colors. You can also generate custom-size shapes by inputting numerical pixel values to add more precise mock-up elements. In addition, Photoshop CS6 also has a dummy "lorem ipsum" body text built into the app so designers can quickly paste sample paragraphs.
We've barely scratched the surface of everything CS6 offers, including video support and auto-save functionality like its suite cousin, Adobe Premiere. But if you're a creative producer serious about producing industry-standard content, Photoshop CS6 is a strong, competitive tool.

Why You Should Start Using a VPN

VPN is a network that is constructed by using public wires  usually the Internet to connect to a private network, such as a company's internal network.  There are a number of systems that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data. These systems use encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and that the data cannot be intercepted.

Consumer VPN Services

Consumers use a private VPN service, also known as a VPN tunnel, to protect their online activity and identity. By using an anonymous VPN service, a user's Internet traffic and data remain encrypted, which prevents eavesdroppers from sniffing Internet activity.  A VPN service is especially useful when accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots because the public wireless services might not be secure. In addition to public Wi-Fi security, a private VPN service also provides consumers with uncensored Internet access and can help prevent data theft and unblock websites.

Corporate VPN Communications

Companies and organizations will use a VPN to communicate confidentially over a public network and to send voice, video or data. It is also an excellent option for remote workers and organizations with global offices and partners to share data in a private manner.
One of the most common types of VPNs used by businesses is called a virtual private dial-up network (VPDN). A VPDN is a user-to-LAN connection, where remote users need to connect to the company LAN. Another type of VPN is commonly called a site-to-site VPN. Here the company would invest in dedicated hardware to connect multiple sites to their LAN though a public network, usually the Internet.

How to Prevent Strangers From Following You

If you work on a computer or mobile device away from home, you probably use Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, cafes, restaurants, airports, or on campus. The problem is, there is no way to know exactly how secure those networks are.

The best ways to stay safe on a public Wi-Fi network is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is basically an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet that makes all your online interactions safe from prying eyes lurking on the same network.
There are many free VPNs around, and they may serve your needs initially. Eventually, you really should consider paying for a VPN.
Paid VPNs tend to run faster, aren't ad supported, and don’t have the same bandwidth limits that some free options do. Plus, VPNs are relatively cheaply priced around $5 per month or less depending on the payment plan you choose.
But before you dive in and sign up for a VPN, here are five key questions you should ask your prospective new service provider.

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How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

You can make yourself “disappear” from the Internet. But be forewarned: Most of the following tactics are irreversible.
This includes losing any marketing presence you've built up over the years that can bring you business, and it can also result in being unable to restart an eliminated account with the same name or e-mail address.
So before you begin the process of erasing your digital footprints, ask why you wish to disappear in the first place. Are you merely a private person and don’t want your personal information where the whole world can see? Or do you feel threatened in some way (e.g., cyber-stalking)?
Re-evaluate your reasons before proceeding. After all, you can create multiple e-mail accounts, for instance, in which one is strictly for business and one is strictly for family. And when registering on any new social media sites or forum boards, you can use a pseudonym. Nevertheless, here are tips on removing your cyber existence.

Mopping up Residue

With the big four gone, now go after smaller accounts. This includes the forum board you registered with 10 years ago for adult acne support but never posted anything. To aid in tracking everything down, use:
  • Account Killer – This tool provides direct links to every account deletion page.
  • Usernames – This tool does a username search on hundreds of social sites.
Then remove personal information from background check sites. This involves more complicated procedures.

Hide Your Digital Tracks by Using a VPN Service Free Download

If you want to continue to use the Internet, but protect your privacy, one of the best ways to surf the Internet anonymously is to use a VPN service. A VPN service will hide your IP address and also encrypt all your Internet communications, thereby prevent snoopers or anyone from tracking your online activities or intercepting your communications.

How can expand my ram memory 2gb to 8gb in windows Full Version with crack Free Download

Use Hard Disk As RAM

We all face performance issues in our system(general sense!) like the computer is slow... Why does system becomes slow? From where (memory) does CPU takes data to execute (forget about cache right now)? What is RAM?

Now let's get an idea about what 
RAM is:

RAM is Random Access Memory( i.e memory reads can be Random) , is faster (approx. 10 times faster than Secondary storage) and all the programs to be executed are brought into RAM and then fed to CPU.

So the focus of this blog will be to use spaces in our Hard disk as if it were RAM (a concept called as Paging in OS). So let's get started

Step 1: Go to Start-> Computer(right click)-> Properties

Step 2: Now on the left pane, under Control Panel Home, click on Advanced system settings

Step 3: Navigate to Advanced tab, under Performance tab, click on Settings... 

Step 4: When Performance Options windowclick on Advanced tab.

Step 5: Under Virtual memory, you get to change the paging file size for all drives. Click onChange... button (step 3-5 are shown below)

Step 6: Here you can uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and set values as per your requirements

Click OK. It will ask you for a restart. Restart your system and we are done!

In the next post, we will learn to use pen drive as RAM.. till then enjoy your machine!! ^_^

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) Free download Full version

Please check your device for compatibility before you purchase this app with

'MemoryInfo & Swapfilecheck' to find it see my other apps.
This is the most powerful Release ever! Exclusive only here in Play Store!
Insufficient RAM, memory is too small? Use your SD card as a working memory expansion! A Memory Manager wich make's you life more easy as you think...

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How To Unblock Sites Using HotSpot Shield (Works In KSA, UAE)

Why Use Hotspot Shield VPN to Unblock Websites

Hotspot Shield VPN is the ultimate website unblocker. It can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content at your school, the library or your office. Use it to get access to Facebook and YouTube and unblock Twitter, unblock gaming websites, unblock Gmail or other sites.
It’s free and does not require special administrative permission to download, install or run on your work computer. Just download it from our website and you are ready to unblock your favorite sites and watch the content privately.

Besides enabling you to unblock your favorite websites from anywhere, Hotspot Shield VPN provides many useful and important benefits:
Bypass Location-based Restrictions for travelers abroad – If you are traveling abroad, you may find that the local government blocks access to certain websites or services by setting up location-based restrictions. These restrictions prevent you from accessing blacklisted websites in the respective country you are in. Hotspot Shield stands for freedom of information. Our VPN software offers you access to blocked websites in the country you are staying at or living in. As a Hotspot Shield user, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions set by the government to gain access to the censored website you want.

Location-based filters identify your location using the IP address assigned by your ISP and block you from accessing particular websites. Hotspot Shield assigns you a new IP address belonging to one of our servers worldwide. This gives you free access to HULU, Netflix, Youtube or other content you want.
Surf the Web anonymously, privately and securely - Although using a proxy service can enable you to unblock many websites, a proxy service doesn’t provide as much security and protection as a VPN. Hotspot Shield encrypts your data and shields your IP address from snoopers, enabling you to surf the web anonymously with an IP address belonging to a Hotspot Shield server in the U.S.

As a common practice, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) log your Web activities, including browsing patterns, the websites you often visit, your download history, etc. Hotspot Shield replaces the IP address given to you by your ISP and enables you to browse the Web anonymously using a new U.S. IP address.

We respect your need for free, secure and private access to the information you want.
Malware Protection – Malware refers to malicious software that is unleashed by the bad guys to steal your personal information such as your social security number, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. Hotspot Shield VPN comes with malware protection to protect your device from malware attacks.

Hotspot Shield is available as a free, advertising-supported service and also as a subscription-based Elite version, which offers a premium level of internet security.

Download DiskAid for Mac full version with crack free download

DiskAid is a transfer tool for accessing the iPod, iPhone or iPad directly from the desktop, both via a high speed USB connection and also via Wi-Fi to the Mac for the first time ever. DiskAid gives access Data such as: Music, Video, Photos, Contacts, Notes, Call History, Text Messages (SMS), Voicemail and Voice Memos. DiskAid connects directly to any installed iPhone App and enables the use of the iPhone as an USB Drive and can read at all time any document stored in iCloud and accesses all Photo Streams right from the desktop. With DiskAid you can also transfer files and folders between your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your Computer and view them on the go using FileApp free files browser. One DiskAid's license is good for 3 simultaneous installs, for Mac or Windows computers, which is extremely convenient if you have a Mac at home and a PC at the office.

Download Apple Bluetooth Firmware Update for Mac full version with crack free download

Yesterday Apple released the OS X 10.7.4 update, which addressed a number of problems and security issues in OS X, including the logging of some users' passwords in plain text and the long-standing log-out option for reopening windows always being enabled. Along with this update, however, came a security update to Bluetooth that has caused some people's Bluetooth configurations to not work properly.

The Bluetooth service in OS X 10.7 through 10.7.3 had a bug that meant a local user could potentially hack the Bluetooth daemon process and execute arbitrary code with system privileges, hence Apple's security update. However, a number of Mac users have complained that their Bluetooth setups no longer work after the update. Some are finding their Bluetooth devices don't work and some report problems with Bluetooth audio.
In addition to Bluetooth issues, a few people have had problems with the system no longer showing the closely associated Wi-Fi hardware as being installed.If you are having trouble with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity after the OS X 10.7.4 update, there are several things you can try that may get your devices connected again.

Download AJoiner for Mac full version with crack free download

AJoiner is a small, lightweight application for joining split files. These files can be in any format, as long as they use Master Splitter’s naming convention (.001 - .999).

AJoiner has several useful options for cancelling join operations if files are missing, automatically deleting segment files, and automatically launching joined files. AJoiner can also use pre-specified join locations, or just join to the same location as the original segments.

Version 2.2.1:
64-bit compatible
10.6 Compatible

Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

aiseesoft hd video converter for Mac full version with crack free download

Aiseesoft Converter for Mac gives you the tools to convert video files into multiple output formats quickly and conveniently. Just add the files you want to convert, choose the output format from an extensive list of options, and click "Convert" to complete the process.

Intuitive interface: This app features a very streamlined interface, with helpful instructions that pop up when you first open the app and an inviting layout. Even inexperienced users can find their way around quickly and complete basic conversions; while more advanced users can take advantage of the app's more powerful features, all from the same screen.
Tons of options: When it comes to output options, you're sure to find the ones you're looking for in the huge selection this app offers. Formats are clearly sorted by device, and include short descriptions, so you'll know exactly what you're choosing to convert to. Conversions are also completed quickly, and the converted file will show up in the app's main interface listing.
Basic editing capabilities: There are video editing tools included in this app, and they'll take care of any basic editing tasks you need accomplished. But more advanced users may not find all of the high-powered editing options found in some other similar programs.

Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac full version with crack free download

Being tested with more than 10,000 video files, Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac is assured the fastest video converting tool on Mac OS X
30X faster conversion speed
Convert videos, movies, music, and DVD files from your Mac with the preset Media Browser directly connected with your local media directories in 30X faster speed.
Clear and vivid interface

With the three vivid thumbnails for Convert, Burn and Download options, you can enter the main interface easily with a single click, which lets you handle video and audio in less time.
Zero quality loss
Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac fully supports lossless conversion for most popular video formats like MOV, MP4, M4V and more. Video and audio synchronization is promised.
Video Converter Ultimate for Mac adds some advanced encoders like Apple Intermediate Codec, ProRes and DNxHD, allowing you to convert video to seamlessly fit iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, etc. You can also:
Convert to 250+ formats
Quickly convert virtually any video and audio files to all popular video/audio formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, VOB, ASF, SWF, DV, MP3, M4A, WAV, M4R, AAC, OGG, AC3 and more.
Fit mobile devices and video editing apps seamlessly
Convert video and DVD to video files with optimized settings to fit your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch 5, iPad, iPad 4, iPad mini, Apple TV, PSP, Xbox 360, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung and more
Share converted video online more easily
With the provided web video presets, you can directly convert video for share on YouTube and more.

Adobe Download Assistant for Mac full version with crack free download

Adobe makes it possible for some time to test the Creative Suite applications and is included as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver, and Co., before users spend a lot of money in purchasing. By downloading the Assistant is as easy as never before.
The "Adobe Download Assistant" can be installed quickly, because as an Adobe AIR application is delivered. After starting the program will prompt the user to first on to create an Adobe ID: Without this personal account, it is not possible to start a download. After all, users need the Download Assistant not left to create a new Adobe ID, but can run directly in the program registration. Once users have logged in with a valid Adobe ID, you can browse Suite 6 by all programs of the current Creative. If you want to download

All applications at once, you can select the particular version of the Creative Suite directly. Otherwise, there is also the option to only Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or other purchased individually. The "Adobe Download Assistant" provides for each program to multiple languages. Also, users can pause the data transfer at any time and resume later - regardless of whether they otherwise use a full-fledged download manager.

This means the net world editors to Adobe Download Assistant

The "Adobe Download Assistant" is a great way to test the current Creative Suite. If you want to try before you buy by several hundred euros expensive programs, this only can do easily and quickly with the Download Assistant. Those who already have a valid license number, you can use the Download Assistant to a Creative Suite program to re install, is gone when, for example, lost the setup DVD.

System Requirements

The "Adobe Download Assistant" running - thanks to the Adobe AIR run-time environment - in theory on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. There are no special requirements for the performance of the target system. However, users must also consider the system requirements of the software can be downloaded to install it smoothly and utilize.

Elmedia Player for Mac full version with crack free download

A different way to view and manage media files
Elmedia Player for Mac Pro is a multi functional media player for Mac OS X, which can play a great variety of formats.
It is the Pro version of Elmedia Player for Mac Free and features more advanced tools such as the ability to download online videos and movies, full-screen mode and a snapshot tool. The look and feel of Elmedia Player for Mac Pro is very similar to iTunes. You can create, manage and delete playlists and create smart playlists.

Smart playlists can be created by choosing special parameters which Elmedia Player will then organize according to your criteria. Elmedia Player for Mac Pro supports playback of FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other formats.
This Pro version of Elmedia Player for Mac Pro allows you to download videos and animations from the web and view videos in full-screen mode. You can also take screenshots of your favorite movie moments. Note that it does also install additional components to help you cache video footage.
Elmedia Player for Mac Pro is an interesting if limited alternative to iTunes.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CleanMyMac Classic full version with crack free download

CleanMyMac Classic is an all-in-one tool to keep your Mac cleans from system junk, app leftovers and other useless data.
CleanMyMac Classic basically scans for and cleans the following types of needless data:
1. outdated caches - data that was generated by applications to load faster but became useless
2. unneeded logs - files containing information about events happened with apps; if you're not a developer, you don't need these files;
3. language files - these files allow OS and apps you have installed to support many languages you don't know or use
4. universal binaries - files that allow apps to work on platforms and architectures different from yours
5. system junk, application leftovers and trashes - this category includes all the data generated by the apps and system that is outdated, corrupt or won't be used anymore.

Besides being an excellent solution for cleaning your Mac from needless data, CleanMyMac Classic also includes a bunch of useful tools to help you make your Mac even cleaner. Built-in Extensions Manager allows you to manage all the plug-in, extensions and widgets installed in Mac OS X. The app’s Applications Uninstaller module completely removes any app and its leftovers from your hard drive. Finally, the Quick Erase Files module can physically overwrite the desired files for three times so they couldn't be recovered with any special tools.
Unlike many other cleaners, CleanMyMac Classic is still compatible with OS X versions from 10.4 to 10.6. Also, it sports sophisticated algorithms that make it the safest cleaning solution on the market. The built-in ignore list helps the app skip potentially troublesome files and prevent critical and important files from scanning and deletion. The hidden knowledge base contains instructions on how to remove particular apps and extensions to bring no harm to your system.
CleanMyMac Classic is a definite must-have solution for any Mac user who wants to have more free space and keep his Mac clean and running smoothly.

JDownloader for Mac full version with crack free download

We can't say that JDownloader for Mac is very user friendly, but for more-experienced users willing to put in some time on the front end to learn about the app, it proves to be a very capable tool for downloading content from the Web.

JDownloader has some great features, but offers little in the way of user guidance for its busy interface. If you don't spend time getting a few helpful tips from the publisher's forums, you may end up with the same video file downloaded in multiple formats, which you will trash. The whole point of the app is to try to save you time, not waste it, so we suggest you get up to speed before using JDownloader. Once you get the hang of it, it turns out to be fairly easy to use. As you browse the Web for content, and find something you may want to have on your Mac, all you have to do is use the Linkgrabber tab to add the URL, and JDownloader does the rest. We found that it did a good job downloading content from all types of sources in multiple formats, including FLV, MP3, MP4 and WebM, at different quality levels. You can also easily choose to look only for specific file types, which helps speed things up even more. In addition to selecting the directory you want to save certain file types to, JDownload will also enter those captcha codes you typically need to enter manually to prove you're a human.
JDownloader isn't for the novice user, and its user interface isn't as intuitive as you'd expect from this type of application, but it excels at its primary function: downloading your favorite content from the Web.

MacBooster for Mac full version with crack free download

MacBooster helps you increase the processing speed of your Mac by identifying duplicate files, finding and removing malware, and making it easier for you to uninstall unwanted applications. It's a useful but somewhat pricey solution.

Intuitive design: MacBooster features a clear layout and menus that are easy to navigate. The information buttons and help guide offer valuable assistance.
Useful uninstaller and startup optimizer: Two of the features we were especially impressed with were the app uninstaller, which lets you search for applications that you haven't used for a certain number of days, and the startup optimizer, which provides a streamlined way to choose which applications automatically open when you start your computer. With these features we were able to speed up the restart time of our Mac by almost a minute.
Fast scanner: In our tests, the file scanner proved faster than the scanners of other similar programs. After less than three minutes, it found 34 malware files on our computer, which we were able to delete with just one click

Kastor All Videos free Downloader for Mac full version with crack free download

Kastor All Video Downloader helps you to find and download videos from all the main video sharing websites.You can use the program as a simple browser. Point it at YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MyVideo, Metacafe or any of the other supported sites (there are around 280, including some adult sites), and you're able to search as normal. Once you've found and are playing something you want, click Download, and the program will grab a copy and convert it to a more useful format (AVI, WMV,iphone friendly MP4 and so on).

Kastor All Video Downloader from carryfile

Alternatively, click "Search videos" and you're able to run a keyword search across the main video sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, My Video, Metacafe, and optionally Adults videos if you like). A report gives you any matching videos, including their title, description, and upload date, and all you have to do is check the boxes of the movies you need, click Download, then wait for the videos to arrive. There's no control over the resolution you're getting, unfortunately, but it is at least very quick and easy.
We did spot a few issues with Kastor All videos Downloader. At one point we started getting error messages while trying to download from YouTube, for instance. Why? Suddenly we realised the browser was now displaying an HTTPS link, and it seems the program couldn't handle that: switching to HTTP made everything okay again.